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Most of us are familiar with the concept of defensive driving, a concept that been popular for quite a while now, and that refers to those drivers who prioritize road safety when behind the wheel. Even when defensive driving courses are widely available across the country, and with plenty of information available online, we might not be completely aware of what it really consists of. Preventing accidents before they happen is the main goal of defensive driving, and these are 5 key elements we should put into practice to keep the roads safe and accident-free.

One of the most important elements of defensive driving is following basic traffic rules. Driving below speed limits, stopping completely at every stop sign, and merging lanes properly are examples of basic traffic rules we should always follow, as they are designed to keep motorists safe and protected, and defensive driving aims at helping drivers understand the importance of these rules. Following them can work as a first line of defense and protection against car accidents.

Many drivers might be familiar with the Three Seconds Rule, a safety tip that refers to the distance we should keep from any vehicle that is in front of us on the road. The Three Seconds Rule means that, instead of thinking about space when measuring distance, we should think of it as means of time. It takes us 1.5 seconds to notice any object that could be dangerous to us, and another 1.5 seconds to react and stop our car. Thus, we need to count three seconds between our car and the vehicle in front of us.

Preventing accidents is the main objective of defensive driving, and the best way to remain safe is by reducing distractions. This way, we can decrease the likelihood of being involved in a car accident, and it is actually quite simple to follow. All we need to do is put our cellphone away, don’t put our GPS somewhere that impedes us from looking at the road, and reminding our passengers to talk to each other in a soft and calm way.

Avoiding aggressive drivers is always a good idea, one that defensive divers always tries to emphasis as much as possible. Road rage is, unfortunately, quite common to encounter, but engaging with this behavior will definitely not fix the problem. Instead of engaging with them and fighting with this type of drivers will not only not solve the problem, but get us in a dangerous and risky situation, too. So, the best course of action is to slow down and let them drive away.

Being knowledgeable and staying informed is another key element of defensive driving. Taking courses, reading updates online, and looking for safety tips and recommendations will help us become more aware of our own flaws, while being able to help others understand the importance of defensive driving. After all, defensive driving prioritizes the security of all drivers, ourselves and others, and having a road free of accidents benefits all of us.