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It is not unknown that long exposures to sunlight can have detrimental effects on human skin, and it is important to always remain protected and never spend too much time directly under the light of the sun. Even when we might not realize, it is the same with car paint, and having our vehicles directly exposed to UV light can damage it, causing car paint to oxidize, resulting in an old and worn out look. Thankfully, there are many ways we can prevent this kind of damage, especially after having a car paint job done recently. Follow these useful tips and you will protect your car paint from the sun. 

The very first step to take is washing our car quite often but making sure we do so when it is parked under a shady spot. First, we need to remove all the accumulated dust and grime from our car, using a clean cloth to get the dirt off our car. We might want to use an automotive cleanser for this if we are looking for the best results. Washing our car often, say once every two weeks, will help reduce the impact of ultraviolet light on our paint, keeping a nice a bright look.  

Just as important as washing your car often comes drying your exterior by hand instead of letting it dry itself. When we leave our car wet, the chemicals in the water and the cleanser we might use could combine with the rays of the sun, having a negative impact on the paint of your car. This damages your car by resulting in an old and worn out look. Therefore, we need to take the time to dry our car using a clean cotton rag to get the exterior of your car wiped out, dry, and clean.  

If we are looking for a nice and shiny exterior, we need to wax it when we wash it, too. Applying a coat of wax will make our car shimmer in the sunlight, which besides giving a great look, can also help protect your car’s paint from UV light. This is because car wax creates an extra layer over your car, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching and eventually damaging the paint. Just remember to choose the best wax for your car and you will get the best possible results.  

Sometimes, the best way to keep your car protected from the sun tends to be the easiest, which is investing in a high-quality car cover. This will keep your car away from being hit by sunlight directly, regardless of where you park it. Even when car covers are not 100% effective, they significantly reduce the impact of UV light on your car paint, and as long as you wash and wax your car once every couple of months, a car cover will work wonders.  

If you don’t have time to wash and wax your car as often as you’d like, or if you rather have a professional take care of it, get in touch with us! We’ll make sure your car paint remains shiny and tidy for as long as it should.