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Unfortunately, suffering from rim damage is almost unavoidable, no matter how good drivers we consider ourselves to be. Even when there is a lot we can do to make sure our rims remain in great shape, nobody is immune to the wide number of elements that represent a danger to our rims and tires. That’s why being aware of the most common causes of rim damage can help us become more careful drivers, and keep our rims protected and away from these dangers.

One of the most common, and most likely causes of rim damage is driving with a flat tire or with a tire that is too low for the road. We must remember that tires protect our rims when they are well-inflated. When we drive with a flat or low tire, the roughness of the road will be hitting the rim directly, which can cause some serious damage.

Another quite common problem that can affect even the most careful driver is going over a curb and thinking there was a driveway. This is a mistake that most of us make from time to time, driving off a curb and hearing a loud noise, only to discover there was no driveway for our car. The height and sharpness of the curb is what will determine the damage that our rims might take, if any. This is why we should always be careful when driving off an unfamiliar street, gas station, parking lot, etcetera.

Broken or damaged pavement can be rough enough to not only damage our tires, but the rims too, which is why we must be particularly careful when driving on pavement in a bad shape. Whenever we hit a crack on the road or across the lanes, we might end up getting a dent on our rims, especially when we are driving at a certain speed. We might find this kind of cracks in parking lots that are under-maintained, or when driving through secondary roads, too.

Last but not least, the most common cause of rim damage is hitting a big pothole. We can find potholes of many different sizes and shapes, but all of them have the potential to damage or even ruin our rims. Therefore, we must try to avoid them at all cost, or go over them with particular care. Remember that most potholes tend to be tricky, and even when we see one that doesn’t look deep enough, we might be in for an unpleasant and bumpy surprise.