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Having to file an insurance claim for vandalism damage to our vehicle can be one of the most frustrating experiences for car owners. Coming back to our car only to find that it has been damaged whether by another reckless driver or by someone who thought it would be funny to scratch the side of our vehicle isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. Dealing with our insurance company might not be the friendliest conversation, especially if we are not completely sure that our policy will cover such damage. If you had your car vandalized recently, and don’t know what to do, here are some tips on how to proceed with filing the corresponding claim.

The very first thing we need to understand is that acts of vandalism is covered by some car insurance policies, especially if we have a comprehensive type of policy. If we don’t remember whether we purchased comprehensive insurance or not, all we need to do is read our declaration page. There should be a dollar amount listed under comprehensive coverage, one amount showing the deductible and another one showing how much you are paying for comprehensive coverage. You can always call your insurance company to make sure you are covered or add the coverage to your policy if you are not.

Now, there are some simple steps we need to follow when filing a claim for vandalism damage, and the sooner we start the process, the better. The very first thing we are going to need is a police report, as most insurance companies require one. Taking photos of the damage and documenting the situation will always help both the authorities and our insurer solve the issue in a timely manner.

Once we have contacted the police, we need to contact our insurance company and reach the claims number to start the process with them. If this is the first time we file a claim, we should be ready to answer several questions about the incident, including the date and time of the accident, the location of the damage on your car, where the car was parked, if we know who caused this damage, etcetera.

We will need to talk to a claims adjuster, and they are always required to review your case, documenting the damage, and determining whether or not it can be covered by the company. Unfortunately, vandalism and car theft tend to be reported fraudulently, so it is the adjuster’s job to confirm this is not the case.

If the adjuster determines they will cover the damage and take care of the repairs, the rest of the process should be quite simple. In order to get the repair job done, you have to find a repair shop you trust, or that works with your insurance company. Once at the shop, the last step is to cover the deductible of the repair, which will vary depending on your insurance policy.